I have always been fascinated by costumes ever since I was a small child watching television and seeing some of the commercials from the 1970’s.  In particular, I remember ads for Fig Newtons with ‘Big Fig’ and the ‘Fruit-of-the-Loom Guys’.   When I was very young, these ads would come on TV and at first I was mystified as to how these people became fruit.  I would ask my Mother how they turned into grapes, figs, and apples, and she would reply with, “They’re wearing COSTUMES that make them look like that.  They are only wearing special clothes, that is not how they really look.”  I remember thinking how cool that was.
     Halloween for me was always a fun time, but the costumes that were available for kids in the 70’s and 80’s were not exactly of the best quality.  I didn’t know at the time where better quality costumes could be found, or how to go about looking for them, so the matter disappeared from thought.  During my mid twenties I began to do more of my drawing and painting, and I did a colored pencil sketch of three women wearing costumes at a Halloween party that I made up from my imagination.  During the Halloween of 1995, I took the drawing into work and displayed it in my work area.  A co-worker of mine admired the drawing, and suggested that I should try to design and make my own costumes.  The seed of that idea was planted at that moment, though it was another year before I started to act on it.  I asked my Mother to teach me how to sew and I began to make my own costumes first from commercial patterns, then I began to design my own patterns and sew from them.  I have been very slowly building my costume business since then and I am pleased to be offering the costumes on this website. 
         All of the costumes are sewn using my own patterns which I have designed, and I sew each costume myself.  I strive to make each of my costumes in the highest quality that I am capable of, and I make them to last.  Some of the more advanced costumes, such as the pumpkin, take quite a while to make and it is not unusual for the project to take sixty hours or more.  Because of this, and the fact that I make the costumes myself here in the United States (and not in China) I have to charge accordingly for them.  For the time being I will be focusing on offering my costumes in adult sizes, though one day I would like to produce the same costume designs in children’s sizes also.  I can alter any of my designs to fit a customer’s special request and that includes making children’s sizes.  Please allow extra time when ordering specifically made items, as I will often have to make my own patterns.  I will continually be offering new styles and designs, and I am always open to your input and ideas.  Please contact me at cameronsargent@prodigy.net for any questions that you may have, or ideas that you would like to see.




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